Clear Case Computers

The Choice is Clear

At Clear Case Computers we strive to meet all our clients needs.  Whether its data migration to a new system, onsite equipment and software installation, or whole business networking and cloud computing consultation and setup, We offer it all. We have a large selection of ink and toner, as well as new and used computers and laptops.  We understand that navigating technology in today's world can be a challenge.  We are here to help and guide you through this ever changing world.

March Updates

Please note that any computer or laptop left for service and not picked up within 90 days becomes property of Clear Case Computers.  Over the years I've had several left here for over 6 months, and after several phone messages, we give up!  We will put your data on a USB stick but we will attempt to sell your laptop or desktop, but the proceeds will be ours!  Please make an effort to pick up your machine within 90 days.

In Stock as of March 23, 2015:

HP Elitebook 15.6" Laptop:  Core i7 620m cpu, 4gb DDR 3 Ram, 250gb hard drive, Nvidia Quadro 5100m Graphics, Windows 7 Professional, Webcam, wireless, etc. 1 year warranty!  $425 plus tax

Dell 15.6" core i7 4th gen, 8gb DDR 3 Ram, 1TB hard drive, Windows 8.1,  $685 plus tax

Dell 17.3" Core i5 2nd gen, 8gb DDR 3, 750GB Hard drive, DVDRW, Windows 7, $615 plus tax

HP 17.3" G7 Core i3 2nd gen,  4gb DDR 3, 640gb, DVDRW, Windows 7, $369 plus tax

Samsung 17.3" core i7 2nd gen, 8gb DDR 3, 128gb SSD Samsung Pro, 500gb hdd, Nvidia GT540 2gb Graphics, Windows 7, $669 Plus tax

Dell Latitude E5400 14.1" Laptop, Intel Core 2 Duo P8800 cpu, 2gb Ram, 80gb hard drive, Windows 7 Pro, $209 plus tax

Desktops Used and New from $285 and up

Gaming Machines Built to Order!