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The Choice is Clear

At Clear Case Computers we strive to meet all our clients needs.  Whether its data migration to a new system, onsite equipment and software installation, or whole business networking and cloud computing consultation and setup, We offer it all. We have a large selection of ink and toner, as well as new and used computers and laptops.  We understand that navigating technology in today's world can be a challenge.  We are here to help and guide you through this ever changing world.


In the past few months we are getting in more and more computers in for service that are infected with the crytolock ransomware virus (see

Once infected, the virus will in essence password all of your documents, photos, pdf files, spreadsheets...just above every bit of data that you would find useful.  Even after the virus is removed, the password remains on the files.  The virus even directs you to a webpage to pay the ransom (generally $500) through paypal to receive an unlock code.  In some rare instances, a program called Shadowexplorer will allow you to recover older incarnations of your locked files.  If you're using Windows XP, you are completely up the creek without a paddle.

An external hard drive, usb stick, or even a blank dvd is MUCH cheaper than $500!!  There is no excuse anymore not to have some backup solution in place!

Beware false upgrade notices from Java, Adobe Flash, or fake package tracking links from UPS, etc.  in your email.  If you are unsure, call us!