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The Choice is Clear

At Clear Case Computers we strive to meet all our clients needs.  Whether its data migration to a new system, onsite equipment and software installation, or whole business networking and cloud computing consultation and setup, We offer it all. We have a large selection of ink and toner, as well as new and used computers and laptops.  We understand that navigating technology in today's world can be a challenge.  We are here to help and guide you through this ever changing world.

New & Used Computers/Laptops Week of July 14, 2014

Over a dozen used towers, all at least Core 2 Duo CPU's with DVD Burners and Windows 7 Home or Professional, $279 and up.  Quad Core $379 and up.

Used HP laptops:  14.1" Elitebook 8530W; Core 2 Duo w/ DVD Burner and Windows 7 Pro $329.

15.6" HP G60 Core 2 Duo, 3gb Ram, 500gb hard drive, DVD Burner, Windows 7 HP..$289

NEW Custom Built Computers, $525 and up. Intel Dual core G3220, 4gb DDR-3 Ram, 500gb to 1TB hard drive, DVD Burner, Windows 7 or 8..... Core i3 add $60...Core i5 add $160....Core i7 add $260.

NEW Laptops:  Dell 15.6" Touchscreen, core i7, 16gb DDR-3 Ram, 2gb Nvidia GT750 Graphics, HD screen (1920x1080) Windows 8.1....$869.

Dell 15.6" Touchscreen, Core i7, 8gb DDR-3 Ram, 1TB Hard drive, Intel Graphics, DVDRW, Windows 8.1....$739

Asus 15.6" N55-D:  A10-4600m Cpu, 8gb DDR-3 Ram, 1TB Hard Drive, ATI 7730M 2gb Graphics, Backlit Keyboard, Windows 8.1:  $619

Toshiba 17.3" Satellite S70D-A... Amd Quad core A10-5750 Cpu, 8gb DDR-3 Ram, 1TB Hard Drive, ATI 8650G Graphics, DVD Burner, Windows 8.1...$695

Other Models Available for Overnight Shipping, $369 and up.

All New and Used Towers and Laptops come with *** FREE*** Data transfer from your older machine.